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These are the full stories behind Season 1 of our podcast

The Only Woman On Idaho’s Death Row

This is the story of Robin Lee Row.  Sources:  Court records from State of Idaho v Robin Lee Row, My Crime Library, a article by Charles Montaldo and the book “Deadly Confident” by Nancy Whitmore Poore.  This is the tragic and terrible tale of a young mother whose life of crime includes everything from…

Steven Pankey Part 1

We are purposely breaking this one into three parts, the first will cover the crime, the second covers the background of the alleged perpetrator up through his time living in Greeley, Co.  The third part brings his story from the 1980s to the present and discusses his political campaigns and life in Idaho. Here is…

Steven Pankey Part 2

Part 1 ended with the 2020 arrest and the most recent hearing this year which resulted in a large cash bail amount set and upheld for Steven Dana Pankey after the remains of Jonelle Matthews were found near where she was kidnapped in Greeley, Colorado.  Pankey’s arrest came more than 35 years after the 12…

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